About Us


A little about me..

I grew up always hearing my grandmother say how her mother and people in her small town in Puerto Rico would use native plants to heal minor scrapes and where usefull when people were ill. This is when my curiosity peaked, naturally I love plants my grandfather also worked in a greenhouse so I was honestly always surrounded by plants. I would spend hours learning about all benefits they offered and how/where they grew.

Fast forward a few years I graduate high school and college I now have a background in the beauty industry and the design world and the hunger to help people with plants was still there. And that's when La Nunery Apothecary was born.

So I created a line of all-natural products in hopes that the stories my grandmother told me as a child can help me help people relax and destress at home. I guess you could say my crazy plant obsession and the need to help people worked out for me.