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Dulce De Leche Candle

Dulce De Leche Candle

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A dulce de leche candle is a sweet and creamy scented candle, inspired by the traditional Latin American dessert of the same name. The candle is made with a rich and decadent caramel fragrance, with notes of vanilla and condensed milk, evoking the indulgent sweetness of the beloved dessert.

To add a touch of natural beauty, the candle is topped with delicate calendula petals. Calendula is a flowering plant known for its bright orange or yellow petals, which are often used in herbal medicine and skincare products for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The calendula petals provide a beautiful visual contrast to the creamy brown hue of the candle and add a subtle, floral aroma to the overall scent experience.

Together, the dulce de leche fragrance and calendula petals create a warm and inviting ambiance that will transport you to a cozy café or bakery, where you can indulge in the sweet treats and fragrant blooms. The candle is perfect for use in any room of the house, and its long-lasting burn time ensures you can enjoy the scent for hours on end.

8oz candle

Fragrance notes
Top: Butter
Middle: Caramel, Sugar, Cream
Base: Vanilla, Tonka Bean

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Customer Reviews

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Karen D Telfair+Nunery
Great Smelling

With this great smelling candle all you have to do is take the top off and it will light up a room.
Whether you light it or just open it, comfort will take place.
So what are you waiting for, order this candle or one of the other magnificent candles and see for yourself!