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English Garden Candle

English Garden Candle

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An 8oz English garden-scented candle is a fragrant delight that captures the essence of an idyllic garden in full bloom. The aroma is a symphony of fresh flowers, herbs, and green foliage that transport you to a peaceful retreat.

As soon as you light the candle, the room fills with the scent of a blooming English garden. The top notes of lily of the valley, and pear create a soothing and calming effect, while the middle notes of rose, lilac, and jasmine add a touch of freshness and earthiness. The base notes of vanilla and carnation give the scent a subtle dewey and fresh undertone that completes the fragrance experience.

The candle comes in a classic 8oz jar, which is easy to carry and perfect for any room in your home. The decorative topping of real flowers adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to the candle, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.

Enjoy the peaceful and inviting atmosphere created by the English garden scent of this candle, and let yourself be transported to a serene oasis in the midst of your busy life.

Fragrance notes
Top: Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves, Pear
Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Lilac
Base: Vanilla, Carnation

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