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White Eucalyptus Wax Melt

White Eucalyptus Wax Melt

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This white eucalyptus wax melt is a luxurious and soothing addition to your home fragrance collection. Made with a blend of high-quality coconut-soy wax, this melt has been expertly hand poured in Delaware to ensure a consistent and long-lasting scent experience.

The refreshing scent of eucalyptus has been carefully infused into the wax, providing a calming and invigorating aroma that is perfect for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in any room. The pure white color of the wax melt adds a touch of elegance to your decor and complements any style of interior design.

With its clean-burning and eco-friendly properties, the coconut-soy wax used in this melt provides a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite scents. Simply place the melt in a wax warmer and let the warm, inviting aroma fill your home.

Experience the calming and refreshing scent of eucalyptus with this handcrafted white eucalyptus wax melt, made with care in Delaware.

Fragrance Notes
Top: Marine, Spearmint, Lemon
Middle: Eucalyptus
Base: Sea Salt, Powder, Juniper

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